The Corkery outdoor rink is CLOSED for the 2017/2018 Winter, see you in December 2018!

Hockey2The Corkery Community Association maintains a volunteer maintained skating rink which is available for shinny as well as organized hockey.  


Center and Rink Open   7 days a week, 9am to 10pm
 Free Skate (Not Sticks) Saturday & Sunday, 1pm to 2pm 
 Shinny Sunday 2pm to 4pm 
 Rink Rented Out

Saturday & Sunday, 9am to 12am

Monday to Wednesday, 7pm to 9pm 

Updated rink conditions are posted regularly on our facebook page:


The Corkery Rink is an integral part of our community. The rink is built 100% by VOLUNTEERS. The city of Ottawa gives the association a grant to help buy some equipment and supplies but all of the labour to clean, flood and maintain the rink is done by volunteers. 

We ALWAYS NEED VOLUNTEERS to help flood and maintain the rink. This not-so-glamorous but much appreciated job is crucial in maintaining a great ice rink.  With out volunteers, there would be no rink.


Once the rink is built and we have an ice base we require 3 teams of 2 people to flood the rink. Ideally each team floods twice a week. Each flood takes about 2 hours. Major Snow falls are removed with a snow blower so the flood team is generally responsible for only a scrape and a flood.  

Floods generally happen around 10:00 at night after the rink is closed but they can also be done early in the morning or if you are interested in volunteering we could most likely work around your schedule.


If you can help once in a while or on a regular basis, please contact the Rink Boss

Thank you to the volunteers who work so tirelessly to maintain our rink!