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AGM Minutes

AGM Minutes - 2019

Corkery Community Association AGM/ Board Minutes March 12, 2019 Community Centre


  • President: Katherine Woodward 
  • V.P.: Andrew McIsaac 
  • Treasurer: Deborah Bernhardt 
  • Secretary: Gill Foss 
  • Chair/ Scrutineer: Chris Bois 
  • Past President: Bob McCormick (absent with apologies) 
  • Community members in attendance: 14 
  • Councillor: Eli El-Chantiry 
  • City Representative: Raynor Boutet 

Minutes from last year’s AGM

Read and accepted as presented. 

President’s Annual Report

Katherine stated that the overall purpose of the Association was to create events and programming for residents and foster community spirit. She stated the activities followed those of last year. We used our Facebook Group, Website and e-newsletter for communication with residents. We continued the local Ambassador program to circulate notices of events in their designated areas by putting up posters at community mailboxes. The Playgroup continued to thrive under the watchful eyes of Meghan Good and Paula Place.

We ran Hockey Day in Corkery, Family Day, Easter Egg Hunt, Euchre, Yoga and Cleanup Day as last year as well as the Plant/ Bake sale in conjunction with the Firefighters’ Pancake Breakfast. Our major event was as usual Canada Day entertainment and the season closed with our well attended Volunteer Appreciation Night held at the community centre. New this year will be a Christmas Tree Lighting event using a tree from the Firefighters Tree Sale, under the direction of Katherine and Allison Lipson with children from local schools making the decorations.

In addition to being our local President Katherine was also Director of Communication for the West Carleton Disaster Relief Organization which raised over $500K towards relief following the tornado. In this capacity she supported everyone impacted and provided financial relief to 141 families. This group will continue to be available should any future disaster occur. She emphasized the importance of knowing one’s neighbours in such an event.

Annual Financial Report

Debbie reported the end of the fiscal year as Dec 31 and we were over budget by a bit. For the 2019 year she also reported a 2% increase in City funding. Proposed by Debbie, seconded by Katherine, Motion: that the financial statement be accepted as presented. Carried
Election of Officers: Chris presented the same slate as in 2018 as all members had agreed to serve for 2019. President: Katherine Woodward; V.P. Andrew McIsaac; Treasurer: Deborah Bernhardt; Secretary: Gill Foss. Proposed by Eli, seconded by Patricia, Motion: that the presented Board be duly elected. Carried
This ended the AGM 

Delayed regular March meeting

Newsletter Review

Patricia Roy-Papineau, previous Media coordinator, and Jennifer Johnson, her successor, reported that the website and Facebook would be available at the beginning of each month. To date the newsletter readership was 384. Action: Patricia / Jennifer

IT Group

Jenne Stamplecoskie and Jeff Reid will head this group. They propose to create a new website and incorporate several improvements to make it more user-friendly. They will included several new sections and add resources. They welcome photos /pictures related to community events. Action: Jeff/ Jenne 

City Funding

Last year the AGM debated two proposals related to up-grades for the community facilities dependent on City funding. A) a cover for the rink; B) expansion of the community Centre. The Rink Cover was chosen by the meeting. We sent in for a Capital Grant to cover half the cost. Peter Kleinbeernick took on the onerous task of doing the many hours of research for the project, including a visit to one manufacturer in Alberta! When his work was completed it turned out that the originally projected cover size needed expansion and a number of extras were required that turned out to have been under anticipated and had not been included in the projected funding costs. The City rejected this Option, one reason being that they did not approve soft coverings that would need replacement over time. This left proposal B – the expansion of the building as previously researched in detail by Past President Bob McCormick.

Rural affairs decided to put their annual funding towards the expansion of the Corkery Community Centre based on Corkery’s expanding population. The expected building time would be two years at a cost of $1.5M, with $550K included in the 2019 budget and $195K to be added by 2020. If this offer was not accepted, other municipalities were in line. Money for this grant is provided by Development charges. Once the money is allocated Eli noted we would need to establish a Building Committee with up to five (5) members to work with the City. Peter, Bob and Katherine were named with two (2) extra members with construction experience needed, along with a sub-committee to address fundraising. Action: Katherine/ Bob/ Peter

Rink news

Andrew reported the season was extended by a month due to good conditions. There was a good initial response from volunteers but for next year we need more committed folks. Peter attended to the flooding twice a week. Andrew was pleased to have a good turnout for Hockey Day but suggested reorganizing the program: as the same groups win each year, it should be more community oriented. Securing volunteers for flooding this year should start now. Andrew agreed to continue as Rink Boss with Peter as assistant. Action: Andrew/ Peter 

Concert-in-the-Park series

This year Eli offered Corkery the job of running this program as a fundraiser toward the building expansion. Katherine has taken on this role, and is in the process of planning the events. Jennifer Johnson has agreed to organize the day of details. Action: Katherine/Jennifer 


Jacob Milosek suggested we start a T-ball league that would run for 45 minutes on Monday evenings that would involve a learning segment. We would need new equipment including balls and bats – to be provided by the community – although parents would be expected to provide helmet and gloves. The season would operate from the first Monday in May to the last Monday in June. He will set up a web link for advanced registration. Action: Jacob 

Play Group

This year the group will be run by Meghan Good on Friday mornings with helpers Paula Place and Liz Shivas. 

Family Day

This will run as last year. 


Catherine Brytus will be the new coordinator. Sessions will run on Monday evenings and Friday mornings at Jackie Bassett’s, with a new Saturday Family group offered on a trial basis. 

Clean-up Day

Andrew and Ed will coordinate this event which they hope to expand, early in May in conjunction with the City. They requested a dumpster for this year to avoid a pile of garbage left at the roadside last year. The date may be changed if there is excess flooding. Action: Andrew/ Ed 

Canada Day

Katherine announced that all the entertainment is booked and although Yaki is not available this time, there will be balloon animals. Bob McCormick will be the lead coordinator. Action: Bob 

Traffic calming

Pierre Gravel brought up this topic after several complaints from residents re excessive speeding on community roads. He suggested more speed signs and vigilance but felt speed bumps were not appropriate for this area. He will send an update to Jenne for the website Action: Pierre 

Christmas Tree Lighting

As mentioned in President’s report, this event is new and will be under the direction of Allison Lipson. Action: Allison

Next Meeting: Tuesday April 2, 2019.
Adjournment: 8:40 p.m.
Prepared by: Gill Foss

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