Meet the Corkery Community Association Team

Board of Directors and Officers

Katherine Woodward has been president of the Corkery Community Association since 2017. She joined the board in 2014 as playgroup coordinator, and was elected VP in 2016, and then president of the  board in 2017. Katherine is a high school science teacher and is passionate about STEM education. She also sits on the board of the West Carleton Disaster Relief as Corkery’s representative. Katherine’s main goal as president is to facilitate events and programming to foster a sense of community spirit in Corkery. Her focus for the next two years is to see the building expansion project through in order to expand Corkery’s programming.

Apart from helping out at general Association events since coming to live in Corkery, Gill Foss has been the Minute-taker for the Board meetings for the past several years. This is a position she had previously held for the National Executive of the Canadian Authors Association (before becoming National President) and also taught a related course for a local consulting company. She has also offered to write local business profiles for the Corkery newsletter.

Debbie Bernhardt has held the position of Treasurer with the Corkery Community Association since early 2015. Debbie is a retired CGA/CPA. Over her career she has worked in accounting and finance field for over twenty years, a large number of them in the not for profit sector. Debbie has lived in Corkery for 10 years. Debbie and her husband Peter own and operate Windsong Manor (a guest house on Corkery Road).

Past-President: Bob McCormick

Bob McCormick was the president of the Corkery Community Association between…

Director of Operations: Peter KleinBeernink

Peter KleinBeernink has been the director of operations for the Corkery Community Association since 2019. He got involved with the rink clearing in 2017 and, as a result, became interested in helping  to put together a rink covering proposal. This proposal, although ultimately not accepted, paved the way for the proposed building upgrade which is underway at the moment. As director of operations, Peter is spearheading this effort. 

General Coordinators

Rink Boss: Andrew McIsaac

Facebook: Jeff Reid

Newsletter: Samantha Stamplecoskie

Activities and Events Coordinators

Garden Club: Carol Anne Parnell

Playgroup: Meghan Good & Paula Place

Yoga: Catherine Byrtus

Hockey Day: Andrew McIsaac

Family Day: Katherine Woodward

Corkery Clean up: Ed Ludwig

Canada Day: Bob McCormick

Board News

AGM Minutes

Constitution and Bylaws

The Corkery Community Association Constitution and Bylaws have been in place since 2004.