Garden Club

About Us

Our informal group is keen on sharing ideas of low maintenance and less complicated garden design. Our members enjoy the socializing and creativity that comes with getting together.

We welcome new members, new to the community as well as long time residents who may be looking for a spirited group and friendship.

boy standing on grass and facing fence during daytime

What We Do

We don’t hold formal meetings but we do get together for fun stuff throughout the year like workshops on hypertufa containers, beeswax painting, pottery classes, Christmas greenery decor, and stained glass as well as prearranged tours of local community and private gardens.

Occasionally throughout the year members offer to host socials at their home and we exchange ideas. 

Annual Event

One of our annual events is the spring plant sale. This is the same date as the Corkery Firefighters breakfast.

Contact person: Carole Anne Parnell, email