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Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

Repurposing at the Community Centre

In collaboration with Earthub founder, Brittanny Belanger, our Association President, Katherine Woodward has implemented a new community recycling program. Just drop off any of the following items in one of the labelled bins outside the Corkery Community Centre door.

**ALL ITEMS MUST BE CLEAN PRIOR TO DONATION (pill bottles must have labels and residue removed, only mascara wands are to be donated, not the entire container).

Items Collected

Chip bags, empty – Following brands only. Boom Chicka Pop, Terra Chips, Sensible Portions (donated to “Eco West Enders” of Stittsville – local) 

Coffee grounds – use in local gardens. Please help yourself to coffee grounds if you can use them.

Crayons/lip balm/Glue Stick tubes –  melted down and used in #OperationChristmasChild shoe boxes – local.

Egg cartons – given to a local farmer or food bank.

Eggshells – use in local gardens. Please help yourself to eggshells if you can use them.

Hotel slippers – upcycled by ReCreativity Ottawa

Mascara wands – used as brushes on tiny animals at a wildlife refuge

Plastic juice pouches, used – donated to “Eco West Enders” of Stittsville-Ottawa.

Prescription pill bottles – used as medical supplies at a disaster relief organization.

Toothbrushes – donated to TerraCycle