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Rural Root Theatre – Virtual Play

Rural Root Theatre Company is getting back into action this  Spring. We will be producing two plays to be broadcast virtually.

The Plays —

  1. Fishing for Fate by Dagny Jackson
  2. Tea with Roger by Peter Paylor

The auditions will be held on April 7 and 8 with the possibility of callbacks on April 11. Actors should contact for registration forms. 

Play dates are June 3, 4 and 5 with a matinee on June 6.

Fishing for Fate

Taxi. Imagine hailing a cab only to find your life suddenly taking a u-turn! A young man and woman meet under seemingly coincidental circumstances when they reluctantly agree to share a taxi.  But is anything really just coincidence?

As the two perfect strangers get to know one another, they are maneuvered along by their boisterous wise-cracking taxi driver. The pair realize they have more in common than ever could have imagined, so they have to wonder if their meeting was serendipity….. or fate.

Tea with Roger 

Joan and Mavis may be the best of friends but Joan hasn’t seen Mavis since Mavis met Roger. So when an invitation to Mavis’s wedding comes in the mail the same day as an invitation to tea, Joan has questions. Who exactly is Roger? What’s with the exotic new tea? What are those strange sounds coming from the closet? What is that noise? Racoons

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